Children's umbrellas: the best models on the market

June 28, 2024

Choosing an umbrella for your child may seem trivial, but it's actually an important decision that requires special attention. As well as looking good, a good umbrella should above all ensure your child's safety and comfort on rainy days. Here are the details.

Size and weight

Size and weight are two key criteria to consider when buying a child's umbrella. It's essential to choose a model that's adapted to your child's body shape, so that they can use it safely and comfortably. An umbrella that's too big could be difficult for little hands to handle, while one that's too small won't provide enough protection from the elements.

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What's more, it's a good idea to opt for a lightweight, compact umbrella that's easy for your child to carry. A model that's too heavy could quickly tire your child out and discourage them from using it. Foldable umbrellas are particularly popular for their practicality, making them easy to store in a rucksack or schoolbag. You can Access the full article here and choose the best children's umbrella from a wide range of models presented.

In short, choose an umbrella that's the right size for your child and reasonably heavy for the best user experience. These features will help encourage your child to use their umbrella safely and enjoyably.

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Safety is a fundamental aspect not to be overlooked when buying a child's umbrella. We strongly recommend models with rounded tips, specially designed to minimise the risk of injury. The sharp points of the ribs can pose a danger to your child's eyes and face, particularly when opening and closing the umbrella.


It's also vital to check the strength of the umbrella's frame and ribs. Opt for models made from robust, hard-wearing materials that can withstand the stresses of regular use. A solid frame and quality ribs will not only ensure that your umbrella lasts longer, but will also make it safer for your child.


Don't hesitate to examine umbrellas carefully before buying, checking the quality of the finish and the absence of any defects that could compromise their integrity. A safe, durable umbrella will give your child optimum protection from the elements, while giving you peace of mind every day.

Design and motifs


Design and pattern are key elements in getting children interested and excited about choosing an umbrella. It's a good idea to select models with bright colours and fun patterns, specially designed to appeal to younger children. Bright colours and playful prints help to make umbrella use more attractive and entertaining for children.


Offering a wide variety of designs is essential to adapt to each child's tastes and preferences. Some will appreciate animal motifs, while others will be more drawn to cartoon characters or nature-inspired themes. By offering a wide choice of designs, you can help every child find the umbrella that matches their personality and interests.

It can be interesting to offer umbrellas with interchangeable or customisable designs, giving children the chance to express their creativity and make their accessory their own. An umbrella with an attractive design that is adapted to the child's preferences encourages them to use it more frequently and with pleasure, while reinforcing their sense of independence.

Materials and durability

Materials and durability are essential criteria to consider when buying a child's umbrella. It's vital to choose models made from hard-wearing materials that can withstand the elements and the stresses of regular use. Polyester canopies are particularly appreciated for their waterproof qualities and their ability to retain their shape, even when wet.

We also recommend umbrellas with steel, aluminium or fibreglass frames, which offer excellent wind resistance and optimum flexibility. Eight-ribbed frames, reinforced with quality materials, enable the umbrella to withstand gusts of wind without turning over.

To guarantee the purchase of a durable and reliable umbrella, it makes sense to turn to brands renowned for their know-how and expertise in the field. French manufacturers such as Neyrat, La Fabrique de Parapluies des Frères François and Maison Pierre Vaux are renowned for the quality of their products and their attention to detail. By choosing a well-known brand, you can be sure of giving your child a sturdy, long-lasting umbrella that will be with them for many years to come.

Top 5 best umbrellas for children

By choosing one of these technical umbrellas, you're giving your child optimum protection, tailored to their specific needs.

1.The Anti UV umbrella 

This innovative model has a canvas treated with a special coating that blocks ultraviolet rays. With a UV protection index of over 50+, it offers effective protection against the sun's harmful rays, while keeping them cool thanks to its breathable fabric. Lightweight and compact, it's easy for children to carry.

2. The automatic umbrella 

Thanks to its automatic opening and closing system, this umbrella unfolds and folds in a single movement, making it easy for little hands to handle. Its solid structure and reinforced ribs ensure excellent wind resistance. What's more, its non-slip handle ensures a secure grip.

3. The anti-rollover umbrella 

Specially designed to withstand gusts of wind, this model features a double canopy system that allows air to circulate freely, reducing wind pressure on the frame. The flexible ribs and reinforced frame ensure excellent stability, even in difficult weather conditions.

4. The inverted umbrella 

This revolutionary umbrella opens and closes upside down, allowing water to drain away from the child when folded. This clever feature avoids the inconvenience of drops falling on clothes or the face. Compact when folded, it fits easily into a rucksack or schoolbag.

5. The reflective umbrella 

Ideal for dark days or evening walks, this umbrella has reflective strips on the canopy and ribs, ensuring optimum visibility for your child. This extra safety feature reassures parents and makes it easy to spot your child.